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The Mahatmas & Their Letters  Online & Printed Sources



A Casebook of Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas



Mrs. Holloway and the Mahatmas: Published and Unpublished Mahatma Letters to and about Mrs. Laura C. Holloway



Mahatma Letters:  A Summary




Masters by Annie Besant




The Concept of "The Masters"

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Concept of The Masters.htm



Blavatsky and The Masters

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Blavatsky and The Masters.htm



The Existence of the Masters

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Existence of the Masters.htm



Koot Hoomi By W Q Judge

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Koot Hoomi by William Q Judge.htm



The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts

By W Q Judge

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts.htm



The Masters as Ideals and Facts

By Annie Besant

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Masters as Ideals and Facts.htm



Characteristics of the Masters

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Characteristics of the Masters.htm



Mahatmas and Chelas

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Mahatmas and Chelas.htm



"The Brothers"of Theosophy

By A P Sinnett

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Brothers of Theosophy.htm



The Theosophical Mahatmas

By H P Blavatsky

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Theosophical Mahatmas.htm



Masters and Men

By Ernest Egerton Wood

http://www.blavatskycardiff.theosophywales.org.uk/EWood Masters and Men.htm



The Puranas on the Dynasty of the Moryas and on Koot Hoomi

By R Ragoonath Row

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Puranas on the Dynasty.htm



The Himalayan Brothers - Do They Exist ?

By Mohini M Chatterji

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Himalayan Brothers - Do They Exist.htm



Accounts by Theosophists who have proved the existence of Mahatmas for themselves

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Mahatma accounts.htm



Mr A Lillies Delusions

H P Blavatsky robustly defends herself against allegations that she had never visited Tibet and that Master Koot Hoomi did not exist

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Mr A Lillies Delusions.htm



Masters of Wisdom by C.W.Leadbeater




The Theosophical Mahatmas





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