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Katinka Hesselink

Independent Dutch based Website

Massive amounts of Theosophical material online




AnandGholap.net :

Theosophy online Ė Most Important Books

Most important books on Theosophy online. Also Theosophy is presented in PowerPoint slides.



Cardiff Blavatsky Archive

The life and writings of H P Blavatsky. Articles about H P Blavatsky and her teachers by other leading Theosophists




The Secret Doctrine By H P Blavatsky

Complete Secret Doctrine. From Blavatsky.net




The Secret Doctrine By H P Blavatsky

Complete Secret Doctrine in text format which makes it easy to search. From The Theosophical Society Pasadena




Isis Unveiled by H P Blavatsky





Extensive compilation of Theosophical writings




Blavatsky Study Center

Extensive H P Blavatsky writings and background material about the life of H P Blavatsky and the Theosophical movement




The Blavatsky Trust

Specializes in H P Blavatsky material. Wide range of books and articles




Theosophical Glossary

H P Blavatskyís Theosphical Glossary.

Published 1892




Voice of the Silence By H P Blavatsky

Complete text

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/Voice of the silence.htm



The Key To Theosophy By H P Blavatsky

Complete text

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Key To Theosophy.htm



From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan By H P Blavatsky

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan.htm



The Stanzas of Dzyan

http://www.blavatskycardiff.walestheosophy.org.uk/The Stanzas of Dzyan.htm



Articles by H. P. Blavatsky

About 130 items by H P Blavatsky




Blavatsky Calling; And I Donít Wanna Shout!

The Voice of the Silence Website




Early selection of H P Blavatsky Articles

Articles 1874 -1875




Studies in Occultism by H. P. Blavatsky, from Lucifer magazine

Studies in Occultism. By H. P. Blavatsky. A Collection of Articles from Lucifer , H. P. Blavatsky's magazine, between 1887-1891




Writings of W Q Judge




Writings of Annie Besant




Writings of A P Sinnett

http://www.blavatskycardiff.theosophywales.org.uk/APSinnett Index.htm



Writings of C W Leadbeater




Writings of C Jinarajadasa




Writings of H S Olcott

http://www.blavatskycardiff.theosophywales.org.uk/HSO INDEX.htm



Writings of G S Arundale




Writings of G R S Mead




Writings of Ernest Egerton Wood

http://www.blavatskycardiff.theosophywales.org.uk/EWood INDEX.htm



Theosophy and Reincarnation

A selection of articles on Reincarnation by Theosophical writers

http://www.blavatskycardiff.theosophywales.org.uk/Theo reincarnation INDEX.htm



Theosophy and the Number Seven

A selection of articles relating to the esoteric

significance of the Number 7 in Theosophy




Link to Free Theosophy Books online




Exploring Theosophy

David Pratt's articles on Science and Theosophy




Science Articles from Sunrise Magazine




Ancient Landmarks

59 article series from Theosophy Magazineshowing Theosophy around the world in all ages




Science and The Secret Doctrine

103 article series from Theosophy Magazine, 1926-1951





Outline of Theosophy by C W Leadbeater




Man and His Bodies By Annie Besant




Man Visible and Invisible by C W Leadbeater




The Astral Plane by C W Leadbeater




The Devachanic Plane By C W Leadbeater




The Hidden Side of Things by C W Leadbeater




Power and use of Thought by C W Leadbeater




Thought Forms by Annie Besant & C W Leadbeater




Thought Power by Annie Besant




Classic Introductory Theosophy Text

A Text Book of Theosophy By C W Leadbeater


What Theosophy IsFrom the Absolute to Man


The Formation of a Solar SystemThe Evolution of Life


The Constitution of ManAfter DeathReincarnation


The Purpose of LifeThe Planetary Chains


The Result of Theosophical Study



Elementary Theosophy

An Outstanding Introduction to Theosophy

By a student of Katherine Tingley


Elementary TheosophyWho is the Man?


Body and Soul††† Body, Soul and Spirit




The Seven in Man and Nature


The Meaning of Death



The Ocean of Theosophy

William Quan Judge


Preface††† Theosophy and the Masters††† General Principles


The Earth Chain††† Body and Astral Body††† Kama Ė Desire


Manas††† Of Reincarnation††† Reincarnation Continued


Karma††† Kama Loka††† Devachan††† Cycles


Septenary Constitution Of Man


Arguments Supporting Reincarnation


Differentiation Of Species Missing Links


Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena


Psychic Phenomena and Spiritualism



An Outline of Theosophy

Charles Webster Leadbeater


Theosophy - What it isHow is it Known?The Method of Observation


General PrinciplesThe Three Great TruthsThe Deity


Advantage Gained from this KnowledgeThe Divine Scheme


The Constitution of ManThe True ManReincarnation


The Wider OutlookDeathManís Past and Future


Cause and EffectWhat Theosophy does for us



A Study in Karma

Annie Besant


KarmaFundamental PrinciplesLaws: Natural and Man-MadeThe Law of Laws


The Eternal NowSuccessionCausation The Laws of NatureA Lesson of The Law


Karma Does Not CrushApply This LawMan in The Three WorldsUnderstand The Truth


Man and His SurroundingsThe Three FatesThe Pair of TripletsThought, The Builder


Practical MeditationWill and DesireThe Mastery of DesireTwo Other Points


The Third ThreadPerfect JusticeOur EnvironmentOur Kith and KinOur Nation


The Light for a Good ManKnowledge of LawThe Opposing Schools


The More Modern ViewSelf-ExaminationOut of the Past


Old FriendshipsWe Grow By GivingCollective KarmaFamily Karma


National KarmaIndiaís KarmaNational Disasters





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